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Uni holidays are dragging slowly and considering everyone else i know works its getting a tad slow!!!

We have just been to Fiji for a little break which was brilliant, did nothing. Just ate, slept, and went swimming. Didnt even get a tan, just sunburnt shoulders. I love going on holiday there is a certin thrill with walking into a travel agent with a mission. Daz wants to go back to the US, so *fingers crossed* late next year.

Passed all my first semester units at uni YAY. Have enrolled in Summer school, Business communications and contract law. First semester next year is going to be crazy as i had permission to load up, therefore: Accounting, Bus Stats, Econs (Macro), Law Finance, and Finance intro. *groan* IM SCARED!!!

Im trying to be good and not go out to much, as not earning a income makes me feel bad!

I have joined a gym and have been going everyday, just something to do i guess. Hopefully it will pay off for summer. Im not really sure how i seem to be crazy busy for weeks on end and then a few days with absolutely nothing to do. I even resorted to cleaning the house this morning. Maybe i will go out for a drive, keep myself entertained. The ability to sit in front of the TV all day is way to easy.

I was thinking about what it would be like to live in the US for a bit, Daz is keen as he has lived there before. Maybe 2010 as i should be finished uni by then, and still not ready to have kids.

Merry Christmas to all!!! Must upate this more.
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