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I wear a pedometer everyday (I know i am sad!) it was a birthday present, 10,000 steps people!

Well i am working really hard at the moment, no time to spare, the year is going so fast for me. Very tired after work each day, which is ok cos so is Daz as he is working hard too.

We go to Melbourne this Friday for our 1 year wedding anniversary! I still havent got Daz a present i dont know what to get him its soooo hard!!! I know he has bought me jewellery, which makes it even more important for me to work out something cool to get him.

On further inspection of my nails i did a terrible french tips with the nail polish. LOL it looks like whiteout.

Also, turns out my dad was thinking of crewing on that boat off Queensland, the one where the 3 men went missing. They live in the same area and he had heard about it, he decided not to in the end cos they didnt have much experience.

Not sure exactly what i am doing with my life as per usual. I am really proud of Daz his work just has taken off in the last year and a half, he just is doing so well for himself. The business that we were going to do together has been shelved, its just not worth it compared to the money he can bring in. Soooo I still need to find something for myself to do. Daz keeps saying what would make you happy, well maybe being a ski instructor, mind you i would have to learn to ski properly first.

Our little cat Cyclone aka Punky, is sitting half in and half out the loungeroom door, he doesnt want to go outside cos its a bit wet, but he doesnt want to be stuck inside either. He is a huge source of amusement, his addiction to cotton buds is very funny. We have cotton buds all around the house, i have to say to people that we arent grotts, its just the cat. They are clean cotton buds he nicks out of the bathroom cabinet draw.

hmmm how long before we go on our big holiday??? I want to go now dammit. My addiction to Vampire books has started again, i have bought alot laterly. Wonder why. Also I seem to want to run, i feel the urge to run, I dream about running on a tread mill. I have to say before anyone reads into this its nothing to do with my personal life, more my professional life. I can admit i am jealous of people whos passion is their career!!
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